Grazing Boards

Our secret to fuss free entertaining

Looking to take the stress out of entertaining and actually enjoy yourself for once? Our grazing boards are the PERFECT solution and definitely don't lack in class or style. Made on a beautiful locally handcrafted charcuterie board accompanied by our stylish cheese knives and utensils. 


 A  refundable deposit is required for the use of our charcuterie boards and knives, once our board and utensils are returned  undamaged and clean, we will return your deposit in full. 

Extra Info

Small, serves 2-4        *requires a 50$ refundable deposit

Medium, serves 6-10  *requires a 75$ refundable deposit

Large, serves 10-15    *requires a 100$ refundable deposit


Our Boards


Original Graze

Includes; Artisan cheeses, cured meats, fresh seasonal fruit, dried fruit, vegetables, crackers, dips, jelly, fresh breads, olives, cornichons, nuts, yogurt covered pretzels, local honey comb and Belgian chocolate, garnished with edible flowers.


Morning Graze

Includes; Belgian waffles, baked breads and pastries, loads of fruit, mini egg quiches, yogurt parfait with granola, jam and maple syrup finished with edible flowers.


Sweet Graze

Includes but not limited to; Fresh seasonal fruit, dried fruit, fresh locally made pastries, gourmet baked goods, sweet and salty snacks, chocolate and candy.

Small            $130

Medium       $190

Large            $240

Small            $130

Medium       $190

Large            $240

Small           $130

Medium       $190

Large           $240