About us

Meet The Team

Samantha Grace

Hi Calgary, I'm the founder of Graze YYC. I'm a mom, wife and cheese lover. After working in the customer service industry for 10 years I decided to take my passion for art and food and blend them together to create this amazing company.


Jennnifer Marchildon

I met Samantha when searching for my wedding catering. She was just beginning her business, Graze YYC, creating her beautiful, high end tables and I wanted the “show stopping” Late night snack!  We became fast friends and
I was so impressed with her work ethic and creativity, and have always had a passion for hosting and cooking we both decided perhaps our arrangement should extend past my summer nuptials.
Since, we have become partners and are excited to be making these elegant and lavish grazing tables or delivering our signature platters and boxes to many other brides, corporate events, lunches and much more